General Information

Lafayette College students are able to register online for their classes using Banner Self-Service using any web-enabled browser.

If you have a problem during the registration process, please use the help link on the login page.

You will not be able to register online for any course that requires an instructor or department head’s signature unless notified otherwise. You will need to forward all special approvals to and we will process these course selections on or after your assigned registration day. You can still register online for your other course selections

How to Register Online: A Step-by-Step Approach

At least a few days prior to your registration date:

  • Make an appointment to see your adviser to select your courses and to obtain your alternate (registration) PIN. You must have this PIN to register online.
  • Access Banner Self-Service using this link and choose “student.”
  • Click on “Student Profile.”
  • Choose the correct term for which you are registering. (Change the term with the drop down menu that appears above your profile picture.)
  • Check your registration and hold notices on the right hand side of the page to make sure of your status, standing, registration time, and that you don’t have any holds against your account. *

*If you have any holds on your account, you will need to contact the correct department to resolve them before you are permitted to register for courses.

On your registration date:

  • Access Banner Self-Service using the above directions.  Most of the network congestion occurs during the login process, not during registration itself, so please allow extra time to login to the system. The most common error message is “Service Temporarily Unavailable.” If you get this error please refresh the page.
  • Click on “Registration” underneath your profile picture.
  • Click on “Select Term,” select the correct semester, and then click “submit.”
  • Click on add/drop classes.
  • Enter your alternate (registration) PIN in the requested box; then click on “submit PIN.”
  • Scroll down to the “add classes” box and enter the CRN for each class you would like to register.

Please remember that if a class requires a lab, you must enter a CRN for that as well. You will not be able to register online for any course that requires an instructor or department head’s signature. You can still register online for your other course selections.
The “class search” function can be used to view a list of course offerings for a particular department.

When you have finished, select the “submit changes” button. You will then be returned to the add/drop page when your request has finished processing. The page returns a list of courses for which you have successfully registered.

If there are any problems with your registration request, you will receive a “Registration Error” message. The list below explains the types of error messages and the appropriate action. If you receive an error message, it means you are NOT REGISTERED for that particular course. Error messages are not retained when you resubmit your CRN.

You can add yourself to the waitlist in a closed course by selecting “waitlist” from the action column; you must then click on “submit” to confirm your addition to the waitlist. You can drop a course during registration by selecting “drop” from the action column.

Once you’ve completed your registration you can use the Return to Menu link at the top of the page.

In order to verify your schedule, please follow the link “Student Detail Schedule” at the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page or from the Registration Menu page to verify that your registration has processed correctly. You should then exit your browser to ensure that your account will not be tampered with, and restart the computer if you are at a public site.

Registration errors you might encounter:

Error Message Details Solution
CLOSED- # WAITLISTED Course is closed; the number of students currently on the waitlist is indicated. Add yourself to the waitlist by selecting it from the action column and/or select another course. You must click on “submit” to confirm your changes.
The course requires the signature of the department head or the instructor for registration. Obtain special approvals and submit them to the Registrar’s Office. These courses will be added to your schedule on or after your assigned registration day.
NOT OPEN TO () The course is restricted to members of a specific class. Select a different course.
CORQ/PREQ Course REQUIRED The course has specific co-requisites or prerequisites that may not be met. If the course is a lab science please re-add both the lab and the lecture sections. Check to ensure that you have met the
course requirements. If you have met the course prerequisites, see the registrar’s staff to finalize your registration.
OPEN – # WAITLISTED Although the course has openings, students on the waitlist have priority. Add yourself to the waitlist by selecting it from the action column and/or select another course.
Status rules not defined
for part of term
System error generated for OPEN-WAITLISTED courses. You can ignore this message.
TIME CONFLICT WITH (CRN) You have registered for two courses that meet at the same time. The conflicting course CRN is identified. Select a different section/course that does not conflict.
MAXIMUM HOURS EXCEEDED Your request exceeds the number of allowed course registrations. You must petition for permission to take an overload.
REPEAT HOURS EXCEED # You have already earned credit for this course and are not eligible to repeat it. Select a different course.
DUPLICATE CRN You have entered a duplicate CRN. You should re-enter the correct CRN.
DUPL CRSE WITH SEC (CRN) You have entered a CRN for a course for which you already registered (different section). You should re-enter the correct CRN.
COURSE NOT AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION AT THIS TIME The selected course was canceled. Select a different course.
CRN DOES NOT EXIST An invalid CRN was entered. Confirm the correct term was selected on your ‘Student Profile’ page. Enter the correct CRN.