The Common Course of Study

The Lafayette Common Course of Study (CCS) was revised by the faculty in 2012 to create an all-inclusive core. The CCS establishes an outcome-based, all-inclusive academic core that will evolve and change as we review how well we are accomplishing what we aspire to teach our students.
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Academic Petitions

Lafayette students often need to petition for permission for a variety of academic reasons.
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AP and IB Exams

Transfer Credit


Address/ Phone Number Change Form

Access the online form to submit student address and/or phone number changes.

CEP Course Proposal Form

Lafayette College Catalog

The College Catalog includes information about academic programs and policies, majors, courses, special academic opportunities, graduation requirements, course registration, progress toward a degree, advising, academic serviceslibrary resources, information technology services, prizes for academic achievement and leadership, and more.

Access the current college catalog.
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Future Academic Calendars

Access the list of future academic calendars

Department/Program Honors

Review the steps that are required to submit nominations forms. Find out the academic requirements in order to receive these awards.
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Voter Registration Information

Voting is not only your right; it’s your responsibility. The National Voter Registration Act strives to make it possible for every member of the Lafayette community to register right on our campus, where they work and study. This gives us a chance to dramatically increase the number of voters in our college communities.
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Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges Consortium (LVAIC)

The LVAIC consortium allows current students to cross register for courses at participating institutions. Students should contact the Registrar’s Office for details.

Preferred First Name Policy

To foster an environment that is inclusive and that encourages self-expression, Lafayette College has established a policy whereby any College community member may use a preferred first name.

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