Fall 2023 Final Exam Period: December 12-19, 2023

Updated November 29, 2023

This schedule is subject to change; check periodically for updates.

Be sure to confirm all final course plans (exams, final project submissions, etc.) with the instructor before making any travel plans. As noted in the Class Attendance Policy, “…the College does not recognize airline schedules or other traveling plans as a legitimate reason for rescheduling final examinations.”

Course-SectionExam Date-TimeRoomProfessor
A&S10301Sun 12/17 12-3Kirby 104Pospisil, Kendra
A&S10302Sun 12/17 12-3Kirby 104Pospisil, Kendra
A&S23501Wed 12/13 4-7OCGE 107Lee, Caroline
AFS10201Sun 12/17 4-7Kirby 104Pride, Aaron
AFS10202Sun 12/17 4-7Kirby 104Pride, Aaron
ART10201Fri 12/15 4-7Williams 108Mattison, Robert
ART23401Sat 12/16 8-11Williams 108Mattison, Robert
ASIA10101Wed 12/13 4-7Pardee 120Rinehart, Robin
BIOL11101Mon 12/18 8-11Kirby 104Norman, Beth
BIOL11102Mon 12/18 8-11Kirby 104Norman, Beth
BIOL11103Mon 12/18 8-11Kirby 104Norman, Beth
BIOL11104Mon 12/18 8-11Oechsle 224Lencer, Ezra
BIOL11105Mon 12/18 8-11Oechsle 224Lencer, Ezra
BIOL11301Mon 12/18 12-3Rockwell 104Ho, Eric
BIOL21301Thu 12/14 8-11Rockwell 104Dearworth, James
BIOL23301Tue 12/12 8-11Rockwell 260/262Waters, Nancy
BIOL24501Mon 12/18 8-11Rockwell 104Kurt, Robert
BIOL24502Mon 12/18 8-11Rockwell 104Kurt, Robert
BIOL25101Fri 12/15 8-11Rockwell 104Butler, Michael
BIOL25501Wed 12/13 8-11Rockwell 104Ospina-Giraldo, Manuel
BIOL25601Wed 12/13 12-3Rockwell 260/262Fischl, Matthew
BIOL25602Wed 12/13 12-3Rockwell 260/262Fischl, Matthew
BIOL27201Mon 12/18 12-3Rockwell 362Rothenberger, Megan
BIOL30301Sun 12/17 4-7Rockwell 104Norman, Jeffrey
BIOL31701Wed 12/13 8-11Rockwell 362Butler, Michael
BIOL33201Tue 12/12 8-11Rockwell 260/262Waters, Nancy
CE25101Wed 12/13 4-7Hugel 100Brandes, David
CE25102Wed 12/13 4-7Hugel 100Brandes, David
CE27101Tue 12/19 8-11AEC 511Barlow, William
CE31102Mon 12/18 8-11AEC 315Kurtz, Stephen
CE32101Mon 12/18 8-11AEC 505/507Kney, Arthur
CE32102Mon 12/18 8-11AEC 505/507Kney, Arthur
CE36101Fri 12/15 8-11AEC 239McGuire, Michael
CE44401Thu 12/14 8-11AEC 315Sanford, Kristen
CHE21101Sat 12/16 8-11AEC 239Estejab, Ali
CHE31101Thu 12/14 8-11AEC 239Gordon, Melissa
CHE31102Thu 12/14 8-11AEC 239Gordon, Melissa
CHE31201Sun 12/17 4-7AEC 517Piergiovanni, Polly
CHE31202Sun 12/17 4-7AEC 517Piergiovanni, Polly
CHE31301Tue 12/12 8-11AEC 204Anderson, Christopher
CHE41201Wed 12/13 8-11AEC 239Woo, Joseph
CHE41202Wed 12/13 8-11AEC 239Woo, Joseph
CHE41301Sun 12/17 12-3AEC 315Van Horn, Ryan
CHE41501Thu 12/14 8-11AEC 325Senra, Michael
CHE41502Thu 12/14 12-3AEC 325Senra, Michael
CHEM10301Wed 12/13 8-11Hugel 115Miller, Rebecca
CHEM10701Wed 12/13 8-11Hugel 103Sona, AJ
CHEM10702Wed 12/13 8-11Hugel 103Sona, AJ
CHEM10703Wed 12/13 8-11Hugel 103Sona, AJ
CHEM10704Wed 12/13 8-11Hugel 100Nataro, Chip
CHEM10705Wed 12/13 8-11Farinon Marlo RmHendrickson, Heidi
CHEM10706Wed 12/13 8-11Farinon Marlo RmHendrickson, Heidi
CHEM10801Wed 12/13 4-7Hugel 103Miller, Rebecca
CHEM10802Wed 12/13 4-7Hugel 103Miller, Rebecca
CHEM22101Tue 12/19 8-11Kirby 104Griffith, Daniel
CHEM22102Tue 12/19 8-11Kirby 104Griffith, Daniel
CHEM22103Tue 12/19 8-11Hugel 103Bertucci, Michael
CHEM22104Tue 12/19 8-11Hugel 103Bertucci, Michael
CHEM34201Sat 12/16 8-11Hugel 115Haug, Kenneth
CHEM35101Tue 12/19 8-11Hugel 100Husic, H. David
CHEM35201Tue 12/19 8-11Hugel 100Husic, H. David
CHEM36501Thu 12/14 8-11Hugel 115Hendrickson, Heidi
CHEM41101Tue 12/12 8-11AEC 325Nataro, Chip
CHN10101Fri 12/15 8-11Pardee 429Huang, Yingying
CHN11101Thu 12/14 8-11Pardee 401Huang, Yingying
CHN31101Mon 12/18 4-7Pardee 321Huang, Yingying
CS10401Tue 12/19 8-11Farinon Marlo RmDahl, Jonathan
CS10402Tue 12/19 8-11Farinon Marlo RmDahl, Jonathan
CS10403Tue 12/12 8-11Rockwell 362Biernacki, Lauren
CS10501Tue 12/12 8-11Rockwell 104Smith, Justin
CS15001Tue 12/12 12-3Hugel 103Tao, Jia
CS15002Tue 12/12 12-3Hugel 103Tao, Jia
CS20201Sat 12/16 12-3Rockwell 260/262Xia, Ge
CS20202Sat 12/16 12-3Rockwell 260/262Xia, Ge
CS20301Wed 12/13 12-3Hugel 100Pfaffmann, Jeffrey
CS32001Tue 12/12 12-3Hugel 103Tao, Jia
CS42001Tue 12/12 4-7Rockwell 260/262Pfaffmann, Jeffrey
ECE21201Sun 12/17 4-7AEC 429Biernacki, Lauren
ECE32201Thu 12/14 12-3AEC 511Wey, Todd
ECE33101Tue 12/12 4-7AEC 511Jouny, Ismail
ECE41401Fri 12/15 8-11AEC 419Nestor, John
ECE41402Fri 12/15 8-11AEC 419Nestor, John
ECE42801Thu 12/14 8-11AEC 306Sajadian, Sally
ECE43301Tue 12/12 8-11AEC 429Sajadian, Sally
ECE49101Tue 12/19 8-11AEC 239Wey, Todd
ECE49102Tue 12/19 8-11AEC 239Wey, Todd
ECON10101Wed 12/13 12-3Simon L3Zhang, Li
ECON10102Wed 12/13 12-3Simon L3Zhang, Li
ECON10103Wed 12/13 12-3Simon L3Zhang, Li
ECON22301Tue 12/19 8-11Simon L3Smith, Julie
ECON22302Tue 12/19 8-11Simon L3Smith, Julie
ECON25101Sat 12/16 8-11Simon L3Schumacher, Ute
ECON25102Sat 12/16 8-11Simon L3Schumacher, Ute
ECON25103Sat 12/16 8-11Simon L3Schumacher, Ute
ECON25104Sat 12/16 8-11Hugel 103Chin, Sayorn
ECON25105Sat 12/16 8-11Hugel 103Chin, Sayorn
ECON25106Wed 12/13 4-7Simon 122Liu, Hongxing
ECON25201Sun 12/17 4-7Simon L3DeVault, James
ECON25202Mon 12/18 8-11Simon L3Carter, Michael
ECON25203Mon 12/18 8-11Simon L3Carter, Michael
ECON25204Mon 12/18 8-11Simon L3Carter, Michael
ECON25301Sat 12/16 4-7Simon 122Biener, Adam
ECON25302Fri 12/15 12-3Simon L3Larsen, Matthew
ECON25303Fri 12/15 12-3Simon L3Larsen, Matthew
ECON25304Thu 12/14 8-11Kirby 104Averett, Susan
ECON25901Tue 12/12 4-7Simon L3Handy, Sheila
ECON25902Tue 12/12 4-7Simon L3Handy, Sheila
ECON25903Tue 12/12 4-7Simon L3Handy, Sheila
ECON31901Sat 12/16 8-11OCGE 107Bukics, Rose Marie
ECON31902Sat 12/16 8-11OCGE 107Bukics, Rose Marie
ECON32001Wed 12/13 8-11Simon L3Swidler, Steven
ECON32002Wed 12/13 8-11Simon L3Swidler, Steven
ECON32501Thu 12/14 8-11Kirby 104Averett, Susan
ECON36401Mon 12/18 12-3Simon L3Hutchinson, Gladstone
EGRS27101Tue 12/19 8-11AEC 315Wilford-Hunt, Mary
ENG15103Fri 12/15 4-7Pardee 102BHiton, Lisa
ENG17401Wed 12/13 8-11Pardee 227Uzendoski, Andrew
ENG20202Tue 12/12 8-11Pardee 201Uzendoski, Andrew
ENG20203Sat 12/16 4-7Pardee 102BUzendoski, Andrew
ENG25501Fri 12/15 8-11Pardee 102BHiton, Lisa
ENG25701Wed 12/13 8-11Pardee 329Hiton, Lisa
ES20101Sun 12/17 12-3AEC 511Mandali, Anusree
ES22601Sun 12/17 12-3AEC 239Mante, David
ES23001Tue 12/12 12-3Hugel 100Mante, David
ES23002Tue 12/12 12-3Hugel 100Mante, David
ES23003Tue 12/12 4-7Hugel 100Hummel, Scott
ES23004Tue 12/12 4-7Hugel 100Hummel, Scott
ES23101Fri 12/15 8-11AEC 511Gordon, Melissa
ES23201Fri 12/15 8-11AEC 315Van Horn, Ryan
ES25401Fri 12/15 8-11Rockwell 260/262Estejab, Ali
ES25402Fri 12/15 8-11Rockwell 260/262Estejab, Ali
ES25403Wed 12/13 12-3AEC 511Enayati, Hooman
EVST10001Tue 12/12 4-7Hugel 103Keeler, Kyle
EVST10002Tue 12/12 4-7Hugel 103Keeler, Kyle
FAMS10101Fri 12/15 12-3Buck Hall 101Groo, Katherine
FAMS24001Fri 12/15 4-7Pardee 320AGiovannelli, Alessandro
FREN10101Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 401Perrot, Mathieu
FREN10102Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 401Perrot, Mathieu
FREN21101Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 421Hernandez, Maria
FREN21102Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 421Hernandez, Maria
FYS01801Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 329Cohen, Benjamin
FYS02001Sun 12/17 4-7Hugel 225Husic, H. David
FYS03601Sun 12/17 12-3Kirby 106Murphy, Bruce
FYS06401Mon 12/18 12-3Pardee 102BJezzi, Nathaniel
FYS06402Sun 12/17 12-3Pardee 217Jezzi, Nathaniel
FYS15001Sat 12/16 8-11AEC 204Van Horn, Ryan
FYS16401Sat 12/16 8-11Simon 122Stafford, Katherine
FYS16801Mon 12/18 4-7Simon 122Salgado, Jacob
FYS17701Thu 12/14 12-3Williams 128O'Riordan, Kirk
FYS17901Mon 12/18 12-3Simon L3Hutchinson, Gladstone
FYS17902Mon 12/18 12-3Simon L3Hutchinson, Gladstone
GEOL12001Wed 12/13 8-11Van Wickle 108Malinconico, Lawrence
GEOL13001Tue 12/12 8-11Van Wickle 108Sunderlin, David
GEOL20001Tue 12/19 8-11Van Wickle 108Carley, Tamara
GEOL20002Tue 12/19 8-11Van Wickle 108Carley, Tamara
GEOL21001Tue 12/12 8-11Van Wickle 106Germanoski, Dru
GEOL22901Wed 12/13 4-7Van Wickle 108Wilson, John
GEOL31701Tue 12/12 8-11Van Wickle 105Malinconico, Lawrence
GERM10101Tue 12/12 8-11Pardee 320AOlsson Berggren, Mikael
GERM10201Tue 12/12 8-11Pardee 421Terzioglu, Adile
GERM11101Tue 12/12 8-11Pardee 421Terzioglu, Adile
GERM22501Wed 12/13 4-7Pardee 216Olsson Berggren, Mikael
GERM32201Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 429Olsson Berggren, Mikael
GOVT10103Mon 12/18 12-3Kirby 104Kincaid, John
GOVT21101Mon 12/18 12-3Kirby 104Kincaid, John
GOVT23001Thu 12/14 12-3Kirby 104Peleg, Ilan
GOVT23002Thu 12/14 12-3Kirby 104Peleg, Ilan
GOVT31101Wed 12/13 12-3Kirby 107Murphy, Bruce
GRK10101Fri 12/15 8-11Pardee 102ABolt, Thomas
HEBR10101Thu 12/14 12-3Kirby 104Peleg, Ilan
HIST12001Sun 12/17 12-3Ramer 105Barclay, Paul
HIST20601Thu 12/14 8-11Ramer 103Sequin, Caroline
HIST20602Thu 12/14 8-11Ramer 103Sequin, Caroline
HIST24901Fri 12/15 4-7Ramer 103Barclay, Paul
HIST25201Mon 12/18 12-3OCGE 107Jackson, Donald
IA20002Sun 12/17 12-3OCGE 216Stewart-Gambino, Hannah
IA23001Sat 12/16 4-7OCGE 107von Wahl, Angelika
IA23002Sat 12/16 4-7OCGE 107von Wahl, Angelika
JAPN10101Thu 12/14 8-11Pardee 320BIkegami, Naoko
JAPN11101Wed 12/13 8-11Pardee 401Ikegami, Naoko
LACS20101Mon 12/18 4-7OCGE 216Fischer-Hoffman, Cory
LAT10101Wed 12/13 4-7Pardee 429Simms, Jason
MATH12501Fri 12/15 8-11Pardee 320AGomez Lopez, Mauricio
MATH12502Fri 12/15 8-11Pardee 421Mancuso, Mark
MATH14101Fri 12/15 8-11Oechsle 224Zulli, Louis
MATH14102Fri 12/15 8-11Oechsle 224Zulli, Louis
MATH14103Fri 12/15 8-11Farinon Marlo RmMuscatell, James
MATH14104Fri 12/15 8-11Farinon Marlo RmMuscatell, James
MATH16101Fri 12/15 8-11Pardee 227Fisher, Evan
MATH16102Fri 12/15 8-11OCGE 107Puig de Dios, Yunied
MATH16104Fri 12/15 8-11Hugel 103Corvino, Justin
MATH16105Fri 12/15 8-11Hugel 103Corvino, Justin
MATH16106Fri 12/15 8-11OCGE107Puig de Dios, Yunied
MATH16107Fri 12/15 8-11Kirby 104Root, Robert
MATH16108Fri 12/15 8-11Kirby 104Roy, Manami
MATH16109Fri 12/15 8-11Simon L3Turek, Daniel
MATH16110Fri 12/15 8-11Kirby 104Roy, Manami
MATH16111Fri 12/15 8-11Simon L3Turek, Daniel
MATH16201Thu 12/14 8-11Pardee 421Mancuso, Mark
MATH16202Thu 12/14 8-11Pardee 421Mancuso, Mark
MATH16203Thu 12/14 8-11Hugel 100Gomez Lopez, Mauricio
MATH16204Thu 12/14 8-11Hugel 225Puig de Dios, Yunied
MATH16205Thu 12/14 8-11Hugel 100Gomez Lopez, Mauricio
MATH16501Fri 12/15 8-11Hugel 100Dougherty, Michael
MATH18201Sun 12/17 4-7Pardee 102BReiter, Clifford
MATH18601Fri 12/15 4-7Hugel 100Lewis, Allison
MATH18602Fri 12/15 4-7Hugel 100Lewis, Allison
MATH18603Fri 12/15 4-7Hugel 103Xu, Chi
MATH18604Fri 12/15 4-7Hugel 103Xu, Chi
MATH26301Thu 12/14 8-11Hugel 103Reiter, Clifford
MATH26302Thu 12/14 8-11Hugel 103Reiter, Clifford
MATH26303Thu 12/14 8-11Farinon Marlo RmGrodzicki, William
MATH26304Thu 12/14 8-11Farinon Marlo RmGrodzicki, William
MATH26305Thu 12/14 8-11Simon L3Hassan Balasubramanya, Sahan
MATH26306Thu 12/14 8-11Simon L3Hassan Balasubramanya, Sahan
MATH26307Thu 12/14 8-11Rockwell 260/262Abedin, Farhan
MATH26401Thu 12/14 4-7Hugel 103Abedin, Farhan
MATH26402Thu 12/14 4-7Hugel 103Abedin, Farhan
MATH27201Thu 12/14 8-11OCGE 107Zhou, Ying
MATH27202Thu 12/14 8-11OCGE 107Zhou, Ying
MATH29001Sun 12/17 12-3Pardee 320AZulli, Louis
MATH32501Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 102AGrodzicki, William
MATH33501Wed 12/13 4-7Kirby 106Gaugler, Trent
MATH33502Wed 12/13 4-7Kirby 107Fisher, Evan
MATH33601Sun 12/17 12-3Pardee 102BLiebner, Jeffrey
MATH33801Mon 12/18 12-3Ramer 105Gaugler, Trent
MATH35101Fri 12/15 12-3Pardee 227Dougherty, Michael
MATH35102Fri 12/15 12-3Pardee 227Dougherty, Michael
MATH38301Sat 12/16 12-3Pardee 227Lewis, Allison
ME21001Fri 12/15 12-3Arranged by InstructorUtter, Brent
ME21002Fri 12/15 12-3Arranged by InstructorPrabhu, Rohan
ME24001Sat 12/16 8-11AEC 206Enayati, Hooman
ME35501Sun 12/17 12-3Hugel 100Helm, Jeffrey
ME35502Sun 12/17 12-3Hugel 100Helm, Jeffrey
ME35503Sun 12/17 12-3Hugel 100Helm, Jeffrey
ME47001Tue 12/12 4-7Kirby 104Van Asselt, Amy
ME47002Tue 12/12 4-7Kirby 104Van Asselt, Amy
ME48001Fri 12/15 8-11Oechsle 223Damircheli, Mehrnoosh
ME48002Fri 12/15 8-11Van Wickle 108Ligeikis, Connor
ME48401Thu 12/14 4-7AEC 511Smith, Joshua
ME48701Tue 12/12 8-11AEC 327Sun, Yueyi
ME49701Wed 12/13 8-11AEC 511Sabatino, Daniel
ME49702Wed 12/13 8-11AEC 511Enayati, Hooman
ME49703Wed 12/13 8-11AEC 511Sabatino, Daniel
ME49705Wed 12/13 8-11AEC 505Rosario, Ryan
ME49706Wed 12/13 8-11AEC 507Hummel, Scott
MUS10501Sat 12/16 8-11Williams 128Zamcheck, Akiva
MUS12101Wed 12/13 4-7Williams 123Wilkins, Walter
MUS22201Thu 12/14 12-3Williams 123Wilkins, Walter
MUS22401Fri 12/15 12-3Williams 123Wilkins, Walter
MUS24001Thu 12/14 8-11Williams 128Roadfeldt, Holly
MUS26601Sat 12/16 8-11Williams 123Cummings, Anthony
MUS36601Sat 12/16 8-11Williams 123Cummings, Anthony
NEUR20101Thu 12/14 4-7Oechsle 224Hallock, Henry
NEUR22501Mon 12/18 8-11Rockwell 260/262Hallock, Henry
NEUR25601Wed 12/13 12-3Rockwell 260/262Fischl, Matthew
NEUR25602Wed 12/13 12-3Rockwell 260/262Fischl, Matthew
NEUR35301Tue 12/12 8-11Oechsle 211Stawicki, Tamara
PHIL10101Sun 12/17 4-7Farinon Marlo RmGildenhuys, Peter
PHIL10102Sun 12/17 4-7Farinon Marlo RmGildenhuys, Peter
PHIL10201Fri 12/15 4-7Kirby 104Masto, Meghan
PHIL10202Sun 12/17 12-3Farinon Marlo RmSchmidt, Nathan
PHIL10203Sun 12/17 12-3Farinon Marlo RmSchmidt, Nathan
PHIL10204Thu 12/14 4-7Kirby 104Billingsley, Amy
PHIL20001Wed 12/13 8-11Pardee 320AShieber, Joseph
PHIL24001Fri 12/15 4-7Pardee 320AGiovannelli, Alessandro
PHIL27001Thu 12/14 8-11Pardee 320AMasto, Meghan
PHIL36001Thu 12/14 8-11Pardee 201Shieber, Joseph
PHYS10401Tue 12/19 8-11Hugel 225Stonaha, Paul
PHYS11101Sat 12/16 8-11Hugel 100Harerimana, Ferdinand
PHYS11102Sat 12/16 8-11Hugel 100Harerimana, Ferdinand
PHYS13001Sat 12/16 8-11Hugel 017Nice, David
PHYS13301Mon 12/18 8-11Rockwell 362Dougherty, Andrew
PHYS13302Mon 12/18 8-11Hugel 103Stonaha, Paul
PHYS13303Mon 12/18 8-11Hugel 103Stonaha, Paul
PHYS15201Mon 12/18 12-3Hugel 115Dougherty, Andrew
PHYS34201Tue 12/12 8-11Hugel 117Ali, Salina
PSYC11001Tue 12/12 8-11Oechsle 224Shaw, John
PSYC11002Tue 12/12 12-3Oechsle 224Myers, Lauren
PSYC12001Sun 12/17 12-3Oechsle 223Vinchur, Andrew
PSYC12002Sun 12/17 12-3Oechsle 211O'Connor, Kevin
PSYC12003Thu 12/14 12-3Oechsle 223Mann, Abigail
PSYC12004Mon 12/18 12-3Oechsle 223Ibrahim, Ahmed
PSYC20301Wed 12/13 8-11Oechsle 223Greenlee, Jessica
PSYC20302Sat 12/16 8-11Oechsle 224Ibrahim, Ahmed
PSYC20303Mon 12/18 12-3Oechsle 211O'Connor, Kevin
PSYC21101Tue 12/12 8-11Oechsle 223Vinchur, Andrew
PSYC22301Mon 12/18 12-3Oechsle 224Wickham, Robert
PSYC22501Mon 12/18 8-11Rockwell 260/262Hallock, Henry
PSYC23201Tue 12/12 4-7Oechsle 224Wenze, Susan
PSYC24001Fri 12/15 12-3Oechsle 224Mann, Abigail
PSYC34201Sat 12/16 12-3Oechsle 223Myers, Lauren
REL10101Tue 12/12 8-11Pardee 120Hendrickson, Brett
REL10102Mon 12/18 4-7OCGE 107Rinehart, Robin
REL20701Thu 12/14 4-7OCGE 216Naraghi, Arash
REL22501Thu 12/14 4-7OCGE 107Carr, Jessica
SPAN10101Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 102BLebron, Gisela
SPAN10102Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 102BLebron, Gisela
SPAN10103Mon 12/18 4-7Kirby 104Geoffrion-Vinci, Michelle
SPAN10302Thu 12/14 4-7Pardee 329Gutierrez Coto, Amauri
SPAN10303Mon 12/18 4-7Pardee 421Molano, Charles
SPAN10304Mon 12/18 4-7Pardee 421Molano, Charles
SPAN11101Tue 12/19 8-11Pardee 421Qualtere, Camille
SPAN11102Tue 12/19 8-11Pardee 421Qualtere, Camille
SPAN11103Wed 12/13 4-7Kirby 104Gutierrez Coto, Amauri
SPAN11104Sat 12/16 12-3Pardee 421Donnell, Sidney
SPAN11105Wed 12/13 4-7Kirby 104Gutierrez Coto, Amauri
SPAN21501Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 320AValdivia, Carmen
SPAN30301Thu 12/14 4-7Pardee 421Donnell, Sidney
THTR22401Sat 12/16 8-11248 WAC STU THTRSalgado, Jacob
THTR31201Thu 12/14 4-7248 WAC STU THTRO'Neill, Michael
THTR33001Fri 12/15 12-3
248 WAC STU THTRMaslow, David
WGS14001Mon 12/18 4-7Kirby 104Geoffrion-Vinci, Michelle
WGS28001Sat 12/16 8-11Pardee 112Armstrong, Mary
WGS34001Fri 12/15 8-11Pardee 112Armstrong, Mary