Accessing the System

Banner Self-Service is available through any web-enabled browser.

Periods of inaccessibility may be experienced during systems upgrades.

Security and PIN Information

Students are required to enter their Lafayette network ID and password.

Students are informed their credentials when they begin their Lafayette career. Keep this information confidential—this is to protect your privacy.

If you have a problem accessing Banner, use the help link on the login page or contact the help desk.

You will also be given an alternate/registration PIN, which is only required when registering for courses online. This PIN will change every semester and is supplied by your academic adviser during preregistration. Do not use your alternate/registration PIN when you initially login to Banner. This is only used to register for courses online.

There is a 15 minute session inactivity timeout; if you do not use the system for 15 minutes you will be logged out the system.

For security purposes and to protect your privacy, you should always use the exit button to disconnect from the system when you are finished and close your web browser.

Navigating the System

The system is menu-driven; to access an item just click on the menu option. Be sure to read the directions on the screen, as they provide important information about the data available and any extra necessary steps.

Main Menu

The main menu has two sub-menus: personal information and student and financial aid.

Personal Menu

The personal menu is your link to viewing and maintaining information about yourself. Here you can change your personal identification number via the “change PIN” option.  You also can review and/or change your security question. Your PIN and security question are essential in order to guard your privacy, so please protect this information and do not share it with anyone.

You also can view your address and e-mail information. In the future, we will be adding additional links to allow you to update your address, along with directory and emergency contact information.

Student Menu

The student menu has sub-menus for registration and student information.

Registration Menu

The registration menu is the home to your class schedule information. Two different types of schedules are available. The student schedule by day & time is in a grid format that shows your entire week of classes at a glance. The student detail schedule provides the information not found in the grid, such as instructor data and room schedule for the course.

The options for add/drop classes, look-up classes to add, and check your registration status options all relate to online registration. Details can be found in the online registration directions document.

Before viewing your schedule or registering online, you must identify the correct term to the system. As you move to other menu items, even those on other menus, the term selected stays active until you change it.

Student Records Information Menu

The student records information menu contains your academic history information. The items accessible from this menu include the final grades option to provide grade information for a given semester including your GPA. You also can view your academic transcript, listing your courses and grades for your entire Lafayette career.

In addition, the view holds option contains information about any outstanding encumbrances against your record that may prevent you from registering for classes or viewing your information.

If you have not previously selected a term via the registration menu, you will be required to do so before viewing your semester grades.

Please report any problems to the staff in the Office of the Registrar at (610) 330-5090 or via e-mail to