Accessing the System

Banner Self-Service is available through any web-enabled browser.

Periods of inaccessibility may be experienced during systems upgrades.


Faculty are required to enter their Lafayette network ID and password.

If you have a problem accessing Banner, please use the help link on the login page or contact the help desk.

There is a 15 minute session inactivity timeout; if you do not use the system for 15 minutes you will be logged out of the system.

For security and to protect the privacy of your information, you should always use the exit button to disconnect from the system when you are finished and exit your web browser.

Navigating the System

The system is menu-driven; to access an item just click on the menu option. Be sure to read the directions on the screen, as they provide important information about the data available and any necessary extra steps.

Main Menu

The main menu has two sub-menus: the personal information and faculty and advisers menus.

Personal Menu

The personal menu is your link to viewing and maintaining information about yourself. Here you can change your personal identification number via the change PIN option. You also can review and/or change your security question. Your PIN and security question are essential in guarding your privacy, so please protect this information and do not share it with anyone.

You also can view your address and e-mail information. In the future we will be adding additional links to allow updates to your address, along with directory and emergency contact information.

Faculty Services Menu

Many items require a term to be selected via the term selection before proceeding. As you move to other menu items, even those on other menus, the term selected stays active until you change it. Similarly, the CRN selection option is used to identify a course to be reviewed. As with terms, the course selected remains active until changed.

The detail and summary class lists provide you with a list of students registered for the selected class. In most instances, the summary class list will provide all the necessary information. The detail form provides the registration date and the activity sequence number. The detail and summary wait list screens display information about students who have been placed on the wait list for a particular class. Please remember that students on the wait list are not registered for a class until an approved add/drop form is submitted to the Office of the Registrar. The final grades link provides a method of entering final grades for courses online.

The student academic transcript allows advisers to access his or her transcript. You will be required to submit a student’s ID number before accessing his or her transcript.

Two different types of schedules are available. The schedule by day and time is in grid format, showing your entire week of classes at a glance. The detail schedule provides the enrollment information not found in the grid.

Student Menu

The student menu allows you to view information about students. The ID selection provides a drop down list of students registered for classes you are teaching. You also may enter any student’s ID number to access information about that student. The view student schedule option should prove to be helpful.

Adviser Menu

The adviser menu allows access to information useful in helping with the advising process, including the academic transcript and Degree Works. The degree evaluation link provides an online detailed report of how a student’s courses are used to complete both college wide and major requirements.  It also can be used in “what if” scenarios to explore how current courses may fit with a different major.


Please report any problems to the registrar’s office staff at (610) 330-5090 or via e-mail to