Accessing the System

Banner Self-Service is available through any web-enabled browser.

Periods of inaccessibility may be experienced during systems upgrades.


Faculty are required to enter their Lafayette network ID and password.

If you have a problem accessing Banner, please use the help link on the login page or contact the help desk.

After a period of inactivity, you will be timed out and will need to re-establish a connection / login.

For security purposes and to protect your privacy, you should always log out to disconnect from the system when you are finished and close your web browser. If you are accessing from a public site you should reboot the computer.

Navigating the System

The system is menu-driven; to access an item just click on the menu option. Be sure to read the directions on the screen, as they provide important information about the data available and any necessary extra steps.

Faculty Landing Page

The landing page shows links for additional information. Each link contains a description of additional information on each page.


  • The Student Advising Profile page is term-specific and may not always default to the current semester. Terms can be changed via the drop-down menu on the Search page.
  • The View My Advisee link will display advisees for the term selected. Selecting a previous semester will display advisees who were assigned to you in that term.
  • To search for an individual student:
    • Student ID (enter L#)
    • Student email (enter full email
    • Student Name
      • Start with last name, and selections will populate.
      • If spelling of last name is unknown you can enter the first name to pull all with those matching first names.
      • Preferred first names will be displayed in list of students.
  • Names displayed in Banner 9 screens will reflect preferred first name.
  • Any links back to Banner 8 will retain legal names.
  • Preferred name can be entered/updated in the Banner 9 Personal Profile (students, faculty, and staff).
  • If your session gets timed out you will need to re-establish a connection / login.



Please report any problems to the Help Desk, or to the Office of the Registrar,