Certified Electronic Diploma

The CeDiploma is an official, portable, and verifiable electronic version of the student’s diploma.  The CeDiploma is issued with a 12-digit CeDiD (Certified Electronic Document Identifier) which can be validated and help expedite the verification process for potential employers. Find additional details and validation at https://registrar.lafayette.edu/cecredential-overview/.  

This service is available for students with graduation dates of September 15, 2019 or later.

Degree Verification

For employers, background screening firms and other companies seeking verification of student enrollment or degree, Lafayette College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verification. The National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:

Web:  www.studentclearinghouse.org -or- www.degreeverify.com
Phone:  (703) 742-4200
Fax:  (703) 742-423
Email:  service@studentclearinghouse.org
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse; 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300; Herndon, VA 20171

Enrollment Verification

Students can print their own proof-of-enrollment certificates, at no charge, as a benefit of our contract with the National Student Clearinghouse for Self-Service Online Enrollment Verification.

To print your certificate of enrollment for health and auto insurance providers, credit card companies, and other third-party institutions, log on to Banner Self-Service and click the link for Enrollment Verification.

If the organization requesting enrollment verification has its own form, please click here to submit a request and upload your form.