Credit cannot be reviewed or awarded until official exam results/ transcripts are received directly from the testing organization. 

Students are not eligible to receive both exam credit and institutional credit for the same course. If you subsequently take a course at Lafayette for which you were awarded exam credit, the credit for the exam will be rescinded.

Advanced PLacement (AP) Exam Credit
International Baccalaureate (IB) exam credit
General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Levels) Exam Credit
credit College Level Examination program (CLEP) exam credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Credit

  • Lafayette participates in the Advanced Placement examination program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). Candidates interested in receiving course credit and placement in advanced classes should take the AP examinations given in May of each year.
  • A score of either 4 or 5 on most examinations, and 3 or above on selected others, will earn course credit and advanced placement. The Lafayette faculty determine score assignments each spring/summer.
  • It is possible to receive sophomore standing with sufficient credit and approval.
  • Lafayette cannot grant any AP credit without possession of the official AP score report from the College Board before the end of the student’s sophomore year at the College.

2022-2023 Award Policy

Art History 4,5 1 Elective credit in Art G
Art: Drawing, 2-D or 3-D Art and Design 4,5 1 Elective credit in Studio Art
Biology 5 2 Biology 111, 112
Calculus AB (test year 2020-2021) 4, 5 1 Mathematics 125 K, L
Calculus AB (test year 2022) 4, 5 1 Mathematics 161 K, L
Calculus BC (test year 2020-2021) 3,4,5 1 Mathematics 125 K, L
Calculus BC (test year 2022) 3 1 Mathematics 161 K, L
Calculus BC (test year 2022) 4,5 2 Mathematics 161, 162 K, L
Chemistry (test year 2020 and beyond) 4,5 1 Chemistry 107
Chinese Language and Culture 3,4,5 1 Chinese 102 or 112 C
Computer Science A 4,5 1 Computer Science 102 F
Economics (Macroeconomics + Microeconomics) 4,5 1 Economics 101 A
English Language or Literature 4,5 1 Elective credit in English B, G
Environmental Science 4,5 1 Elective credit in Environmental Science H, I
European History 4,5 1 Elective credit in European History J
French Language and Culture 3,4,5 1 French 102 or 112 C
German Language and Culture 3,4,5 1 German 102 or 112 C
Govt. & Politics: Comparative 4,5 1 Government 103
Govt. & Politics: U. S. 4,5 1 Government 101
Italian Language and Culture 3,4,5 1 Italian 102 or 112 C
Japanese Language and Culture 3,4,5 1 Japanese 102 or 112 C
Latin 3,4,5 1 Latin 102 or 112 C
Music Theory 4,5 1 Music 121
Physics 1 4,5 1 Physics 111 B, D
Physics 2 4,5 1 Physics 112 B, D
Physics C: Mechanics 4,5 1 Physics 131 B
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 4,5 1 Physics 133 B
Psychology 4,5 1 Elective credit in Psychology E
Spanish Language or Literature 3,4,5 1 Spanish 102 or 112 C
Statistics (test year 2019 or earlier; 2021 and beyond) 4,5 1 Mathematics 186
Statistics (test year 2020 only) 4,5 1 Mathematics 110
United States History 4,5 1 Elective credit in American History J
World History 4,5 1 Elective credit in World History J


A – Must earn score of 4 or higher on both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

B – Same course.  (Cannot receive credit for Physics 111 & 131/151 and 112 & 133/152.) (Only one credit awarded in English.)

C – Satisfies the elementary proficiency in a second language requirement. (Maximum 1 credit per language.)

D – Engineering majors will not be awarded credit for Physics 111, 112.

E – Course is not equivalent to Psychology 110 and does not meet natural lab science requirement.

F – Course is equivalent to an Intro CS course (104 or 105 or 106), but does not meet Natural Science CCS requirement.

G – Course meets the Humanities requirement in the Common Course of Study.

H – Course does not meet the natural lab science requirement.

I – Course not equivalent to either EVST 100 or GEOL 110.

J – Elective credit can not be applied in major.

K – A student who wishes to place themselves in their first mathematics course without having credit earned in the necessary prerequisite course(s) (Math 161 and/or Math 162 and/or Math 263) must first pass the credit exam(s) offered by the Department of Mathematics. Credit will NOT be awarded for such exams until the student has passed the subsequent course for which they have registered.

L – Students may not earn credit for both MATH125 + MATH161 through AP and/or department credit exams.

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam Credit

  • The official results of the higher-level (HL) examination of the International Baccalaureate are considered for academic course credit at Lafayette College.
  • Acceptable score levels for the IB program are 5 or higher in most subjects. Each department will determine the specific amount of credit, but in general, credit awards follow the AP listing above.
  • No credit is awarded for subsidiary-level (SL) examinations.
  • The full IB Diploma may qualify the holder for additional credit. See here for more information.

General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Levels) Exam Credit

  • GCE A-levels are reviewed on a course by course basis; however, to be considered for credit, the course must have been taken at the advanced level and only a grade of A(a) will be accepted. Courses taken at the subsidiary level will not be considered regardless of grade.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam Credit

  • Lafayette College does not award credit for the CLEP examination.