The LVAIC consortium allows current students to cross-register for courses at participating institutions:

  • Cedar Crest College
  • DeSales University
  • Lehigh University
  • Moravian University
  • Muhlenberg College


  • Courses must be suitable to Lafayette degree programs.
  • Courses must be ones which cannot be scheduled at Lafayette.
  • Students are limited to a maximum of two cross-registered courses per semester, for a total of eight during their academic career.
  • Courses must not result in a course overload.
  • Grades earned under the cross-registration program will be used in computing semester and cumulative averages.
  • Cross-registration for LVAIC students is available for the January Term, Summer Terms and Special Programs, but the student must pay the appropriate fees charged by the host institution rather than the tuition cost of the home institution (which is the normal cross-registration procedure).  All billing will be handled directly by the host institution and the individual student. Students will obtain the Undergraduate Studies Cross-Registration form from the home institution.